Hauppauge Industrial Park Solar Initiative

Join the Hauppauge Industrial Park Community in Making the Switch to Solar

Our goal is to transition the park to 100% solar by 2040!

The Hauppauge Industrial Association, Long Island (HIA-LI) has formed a program called the Hauppauge Industrial Park Solar Initiative to help offer an option to install solar power on your building. This cooperative initiative provides economies of scale previously unattainable, and allows you to take advantage of the economic benefits associated with the park community.

The region's leading energy experts have joined together to help buildings in the park reduce their electricity consumption and power 100% of their building’s energy needs with solar. This will help buildings save tremendously on utility bills, putting more capital back into the Park’s properties and businesses!

The HIP Solar Initiative will:

  • Implement energy efficiency measures to reduce electricity demand
  • Install solar panels on your building to either
      • Provide lower-cost energy for your own building
      • Sell energy to others and pay you to rent your roof space
  • Secure financing for your project
  • Process PSEGLI rebates
  • Provide guidance for tax credits and other incentives
  • Explain Community Solar, Lease, and Ownership options

Get started today

A solar-powered building in the Hauppauge Industrial Park.


The initiative was formed in the spring of 2018. Committee members have been working closely with HIA-LI leadership to come up with the easiest way to reduce energy costs in the park and convert the HIP to 100% renewable energy by 2030. The HIA-LI Committee Chair is Jack Kulka, President, Kulka, LLC. Committee members include: Sammy Chu, CEO, Edgewise Energy. Steve Engelmann Director of Business Development, EnterSolar. Carlo Lanza, CEO, Harvest Power. Scott Maskin, CEO, SUNation. David Schieren, CEO, EmPower Solar. Charlie Ward, CEO and Tony Riccinto, President, TopCat Consulting.

Contact us: info@HIPsolar.org